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How Do You Defend a Domestic Violence Case?

Fresno criminal defense lawyer Jonathan Rooker, who represents clients in domestic violence cases, discusses the legal defenses for Ray Rice with Chuck Leonard on Central Valley Buzz.

According to Rooker, domestic violence “is a very serious issue. It has very serious repercussions: 52 weeks of batterers treatment program on a first offense.”

“You can lose your gun rights for life. If you’re accused of domestic violence, even if you plead to a non-domestic count, like a simple battery or simple assault and factually the victim had a domestic relation, you lose your right to use a firearm for life,” Rooker says.

Rooker also states that “domestic violence” can apply to individuals whom you don’t think it would apply to. “Co-habitators; people that have a child together, and then there’s a violent act between them, that can be domestic violence. It can be somebody you just went out with once,” Rooker says.