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Probable Cause and Reasonable Doubt: What’s the difference?

What’s so reasonable about reasonable doubt? Criminal defense lawyer Jonathan Rooker answered that question and more during his appearance on Central Valley Talk with Mike Scott on September 16, 2015.

According to Rooker, a frequent guest on Central Valley Business shows, the burden on a police officer to arrest is probable cause and the burden at trial is reasonable doubt. If the officer is doing his job, a lot of people will get arrested, but a lot of people will also get acquitted because of the difference in these burdens.

The difference is the police officer’s snap decision at the time of the arrest, and the more calculated and reasoned decision facing a jury when presented with the evidence against the defendant at trial. When the evidence falls in the grey area between probable cause and reasonable doubt, “that’s called acquittal,” says Rooker, who recently received a second Master’s degree in forensic toxicology and who is a handful of classes away from a third Master’s degree in forensic science.

During his talk with Scott, Rooker also answered what it’s like working with the partners at the Law Offices of Nuttall and Coleman, Roger Nuttall and Mark Coleman, two of the “best attorneys in the Valley”, according to Rooker.

“Nuttall is probably one of the best known attorneys in Fresno,” Scott says.

Rooker says that the experience working with the two has been invaluable. “I didn’t know as much until I went to work there,” says Rooker, who praised Coleman’s lawyering skills.

“Mark quietly handles a lot of cases that remain very quiet. They don’t come to light as much. He’s more like a silent assassin type. Many of them never even hit the courthouse. He does a really good job,” Rooker says.

When does Rooker’s book “Bambi Hunt” come out? What’s up with breathalyzers and blood tests in relation to DUIs? Is Rooker’s tie finally straight during a television appearance? Get the answers to those questions by watching the full video above.